Wes Anderson Film Rankings

I've gone through a bit of a binge on Wes Anderson films as of late and I've finally completed the entire filmography. Here's the list of my top Wes Anderson films...

1.) Fantastic Mr. Fox

This is such a delightful film, a rag-tag group of animals ganging up against cruel farmers. Stop-motion animation suits Anderson's directing style so well and even the evil animal is a pretty cool dude.

2.) The Grand Budapest Hotel

This was the first Wes Anderson film I watched and what an introduction. A very lush movie with tons of memorable characters and a very interesting story spanning years.

3.) The Royal Tenenbaums

This is the standard for Anderson films, another film full of memorable characters and a melancholy storyline that eventually ends happyish.

4.) The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Has a little more humor than The Royal Tenenbaums but the same melancholy story. Still a fun and interesting time, I love the side profile of the ship.

5.) Moonrise Kingdom

This put me in small town Cape Cod and the need to run away to get away from your problems is very relatable.

6.) Isle of Dogs

I loved everything about this except for the characters. A lot of the characters seemed shoehorned for the story, like the hacker kid and the pro-dog girl and a lot of the characters seem under developed. But the concept and the animation are awesome.

7.) The French Dispatch

There's a lot to like about The French Dispatch but a lot to be turned away from. I like the concept of going through a Magazines stories for their final issue but some of the stories are just too long. Some parts may be a little too Wes Anderson-y as well.

8.) Bottle Rocket

This is very sweet but there's no focus, so much different from the short film version.

9.) Darjeeling Limited

Again no focus in this movie, yes its about brothers reconnecting and finally grieving in a proper way but it reaks of rich people can do whatever they want with no consequences throughout.

10.) Rushmore

I know a lot of people love this movie but I just couldn't, I don't like anybody in this movie and its just a bunch of bad to clueless people doing bad to clueless things. Its the only Anderson film that took me two sittings to watch.


  1. Cousin Ben Troop Screening - Funny once you've seen Moonrise Kingdom.
  2. Castello Cavalcanti - Stupid and dumb but fun.
  3. My Life, My Card: American Express - Prettay, Prettay funny.
  4. Hotel Chevalier - There's a butt.
  5. Prada: Candy - Boy these dudes really want a threesome.
  6. Stella Artois: Apartomatic - Boy this dudes appartment is really weird.
  7. Do You Like to Read? - This is too much for me.
  8. Come Together - How many Beatles things can we shoehorn into this train.
  9. Made of Imagination: Sony Xperia - Yep, this existed
  10. Softbank - What if those weird Japanese commercials starred Brad Pitt.